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Sign Up for Mammoth Strength Challenge V!

Registration is open for the 2021 Mammoth Strength Challenge V! This will be a 2 level Strongman Corporation contest. All competitors will fall into one of 16 Divisions and will compete in 5 events. The top 3 competitors in each division/class will receive awards.
To register, visit: https://www.signmeup.com/reg/form/135314/registration

Overhead – log axle block Viking
Deadlift – 9″ reg bar 18″ axle Car
Farmers / frame
Stone carry – Natural Block Atlas Husa
Tire flip 3 2 1 big bigger biggest weights are available when you sign up or on www.strongmancorporation.com


Promoter: David Waters

Do you have questions about our competitions, the podcast or anything else?


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All competitors are required to have Strongman membership! ($50 fee)

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